Social Media Underground #2

Social Media Underground #2

Date: 25 September, 2012

Time: 09:30pm-11:30pm

Fee: HK$100

From Underground:

Woooohooo! It’s our SECOND event tied into Social Media Week Hong Kong. We’re delighted to have Quasar, Hungry Ghosts & Psyc’ Lover to showcase their musical creativity as well as share with you how social media works (or doesn’t work!) for them to promote their songs and their gigs.

Psyc’ Lover

Psyc’ Lover, is the short term of Psychotic Lover.

The band was founded in Hong Kong and we are actively participating various shows in both Hong Kong and China.

The music of Psyc’ Lover does not belong to any specific musical styles. However, we combine many unique musical elements from the classics to compose our music.

Psyc’ Lover (瘋戀人樂團)

取自Psychotic(精神病), 全名為Psychotic Lover, 意為精神分裂的戀人 ,來自香港的樂團,活躍於香港各大小Live House ,從不喜歡遵從任何既定的音樂型式,

YouTube Channel:
weibo link:
Hungry Ghosts

Founded in Hong Kong 2007, Hungry Ghosts represents a four-piece indie-rock band made up of Luke Chow (Vocals/Guitar), Paul Lam (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals), Tiffany Jade Laue (Bass/Vocals) and Mike Jack (Drums/Bearded Bad Assery). The group’s work draws its groove-based, guitar driven melodic style from a range of influences, including Broken Social Scene, Death Cab for Cutie and Jimmy Eat World. After releasing their 2nd EP, Hungry Ghosts have been working tirelessly on new material, combining post rock with painstakingly crafted pop, honing a sound that has captured the music scene of HK. While already preparing for their next release, the Ghosts are planning a tour throughout South East Asia and China. So stay tuned for what is to come because 2012 is the year of the Ghosts.

You Tube Link:
You tube channel: HungryGhosts852

Website /

Twitter: Hungry Ghosts @HungryGhosts852

Quasar was well hidden in the misty mountains of Nepal before it finally rose to shine on the sky of struggling Hong Kong Music Scene. The former front man of the Nepalese Band the Boffins’98, Singer/Guitarist, Sanjeev Gurung is the core of Quasar, as well as the principal songwriter of the band, who has been described as “a Nepalese version of Bruce Springsteen with the angst of Bob Dylan.”

Originally a solo act during his early days in Hong Kong, Sanjeev then decided to build up a full band to maximize the impact of his epic stories and soaring melodies. With the help of Chris.B. queen of the Hong Kong Underground music showcase, Sanjeev found bassist/lyricist Ben Bair who had recently arrived from the U.S.after a stint with indie band Fellaheen.

Despite full-time jobs, families and fans more used to irony than sincerity in popular music, Quasar gradually fused together rock styles from the 60’s through the present to form their own combustible brand of “Revolutionary Rock”. After performing throughout Hong Kong and recording two songs on Chris.B.’s Underground Compilation 2-Straight Ahead…Back to Roots, Quasar knew it was time to take the show on the road.

Check Quasar out and discover that truth, love, hope and fun all have a place in Rock ‘n’ Roll.


Sanjeev Gurung: Vocals/Guitars/Words
Ben Bair: Bass Guitars/Words
Rob Mills:Lead Guitars
Koya Hisakazu:Double Bass / Drums / Percussion


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