Backstage Pre-Re-Open Special – Dr. EGGS + Halcyon Live in HK (20 Oct 2012)

Backstage Pre-Re-Open Special – Dr. EGGS + Halcyon Live in HK

Date: 20 October, 2012

Time: 10:00pm

Fee: Advance – $100


“Back” from the Asia, France and America Tour, Dr.EGGS finally play in Hong Kong on October 20.

For the past 15 years, Joul – the creative force behind DR.EGGS – has delivered hundreds of high energy performances to charged up audiences across Europe (France, England, Germany, Swiss land, Belgium…) and Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Japan, China, Taiwan…). On May 7, Joul brings the current incarnation of the DR.EGGS rock ’n’ roll circus to Hong Kong, China and France as part of the BACK TOUR 2011, which has already rocked festivals in Japan (Snow Splash) and Taiwan (Spring Scream).

The BACK TOUR 2011 and US Tour 2012 is in support of new DR.EGGS album T.I.N.N.S (due in May 2011). T.I.N.N.S. comes out 7 years after the first DR.EGGS album “Peep Show” (2004), but the basic elements of the DR.EGGS experience are still there – angular synths, driving bass, aggro guitar and complex rhythms all topped by infectious melodies, slick raps and highly personal lyrics.

Recently signed with a license at The Warner Music Group Home

Music Video:

Little Thing:



Formed in late 2008, Halcyon consist of Stephen, Ming and Tat and started out as a pop rock band with elements of ambient rock and punk. During mid 2009, they invited keyboard player Sandy to complete the quartet enrichening vocals and the overall sound of the band. Since then, Halcyon has been writing songs of different styles, taking influence from many genres and have been constantly developing our own sound. After 2 years of live shows and recording, and the latest of our work, “Outphaser’s Dance”, bassist Tat departed and replaced with new bassist, BK. And after a 6 month hiatus, they are now back with new songs and a new studio, the PIQUE room.




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