Backstage Pre-Re-Open Special – The Blue Note Thursday with Hugo Maidana from Paraguay (04 Oct 2012)

Backstage Pre-Re-Open Special – The Blue Note Thursday with Hugo Maidana (from Paraguay)

Date: 04 October, 2012

Time: 09:00pm

Fee: Free Admission (Pre-Re-Open Special)

Hugo Maidana – Drums
Orlando Bonzi – Guitar/Vocal
Davide – Percussions

Hugo Maidana

Born in Paraguay, Hugo Maidana, grew up in a musician family in Asuncion. His father, a keyboard player and guitarist, introduced him to traditional Paraguayan music since young. He was then also devoted in Rock, Jazz and Latin music. At the age of 14, he started p performing as a professional drummer in local bands and local bars.

Hugo’s video clips:

Orlando Bonzi

Orlando Bonzi is a promising young guitarist, singer, composer, arranger and producer. At the age of 20, he recorded his first album called Mi Inspiración (My Inspiration) featuring himself singing, arranging and producing his original songs. The song Mi Inspiración was a hit and was plugged on every radio and TV channel in Paraguay in 1999.

Besides his solo career as a singing guitarist, he has also been recording and performing with the renowned artists and musicians in Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Italy and the US, specialized in a wide range of styles of music such as brazilian pop, rock, country, metal, and jazz.

In 2004, he is invited to be the special guest in Andy Summers (The Police) concert in the Theatre of Spanish embassy in Paraguay. In 2008, he played with the famous jazz trombonist Raul de Souza in the Music Festival of Curitiba in Brazil. A year later he toured with the popular Brazilian R&B group Fat Family in Mato Grosso olo Sol, Brazil.


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