“History-Tour” – The Gospel People (01 Nov 2012)

“History-Tour” – The Gospel People

Date: 01 November, 2012

Time: 07:30pm

Fee: HK$200

THE GOSPEL PEOPLE offer you “History-Tour” – the magnificent journey of Gospel through time and space.

“Havin’ a good time!” – this is the motto “The Gospel People”, a US-Gospel-group of seven artists, chosen to tour around the world. In their program, they offer an interactive show presenting the history of Gospel Music –covering the development from its origins in sub-Saharan Africa to North America’s colonialisation and reaching also into our times, when Gospel has been enriched by elements of R&B, Jazz as well as Rap.

“The Gospel People” are Charles Creath (Artistic Direktor): Owen Nixon (lead singer), the Queen of ‘The Gospel People’: Deidre Valentine (vocals), Ernest Vaughan (keyboards), Ernest Meredith
(drums), BJ Rice-Hubbard (vocals), and Brightnie Jones (vocals). Owen Nixon and the Deidre Valentine, are both outstanding veteran performers and they have performed in various groups and
venues around America. Owen graduated from Norfolk State University with a Bachelor of Music, majoring in media studies.

The audience is being presented a wide range of musical styles, which all belong to the same genre – that of gospel music. Martin Schäfer rejoices, “It’s a firework made up of current hits, well known evergreens and classic Gospel songs like “Oh Happy Day“ and “Amazing Grace“, which turn this show into an unforgettable, exhilarating experience!“ And Charles Creath, the musical head of the group, smiling and referring to the tour motto, adds, “It’s like havin’ a good time!”

More Info on website: http://www.thegospelpeople.com

Tickets are available at www.ticketworld.asia


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