The Vintage Backyard – 復刻’樂’園” (20 Nov 2012)

The Vintage Backyard –  復刻’樂’園”- The Golden Days Revisited!

Date: 20 November 2012

Time: 07:00pm-10:00pm

Genre: Golden Oldies/Classics

Fee: Free Admission (Re-opening Special)

A fine wine needs time to grow and so as fine music, some say the best vintages are from the past! Let us be the time travelers and gather all the past memories and collections! Singing and listening to all the classic melodies in a new different way, enjoy the Good Old songs in a Good New day!!

緬懷昔日旋律, 讓我們來一趟時光旅行, 一同分享每個黃金年代的復刻記憶, 台上台下, 一起再唱出您熟悉的金曲, 也許您會再重新認識您!


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