OliviaMok x BlackCats! (04 Jan 2013)

OliviaMok x BlackCats!

Date: 04 January 2013

Time: 10:00pm

Fee: $180 incl. 1 standard drink

If you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night (aka tomorrow night), here’s your solution…

Join us at 10pm tomorrow for a fun night of english pop, cantopop, jazz, and everything in between.

Drinking and jamming are mandatory activities.


Olivia Mok – violin (vocals if sickness wears off in time)
Carr Chung – drums
Andrew Cheung – guitar
Mark Wong – bass/vocals
Loli Lam – keys


Ted Lo
Chris “Cee Lo” Polanco
John Shaw ”Somewhere Over The Rainbow”
Vicky Fung
Michelle Carrillo
Ernest Choi
Natalie Chan “No One”
Terence Yin “愛很簡單“
Jonathan Douglas

Video Crew:
Albert Yung


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