Gabriel Lynch Dependent State Asia Tour (26 Jan 2013)

20130126 Backstage

Gabriel Lynch Dependent State Asia Tour

Date: 26 January 2013

Time: 07:30pm-10:00pm

Fee: $180 incl 1 standard drink

Australian troubadour, Gabriel Lynch, returns to Asia in 2013 to present songs from his new mini-album, Dependent State. After wooing audiences throughout the continent in 2012, Lynch will take to the stage with a renewed energy and vibrancy that has earned him the accolade of possessing “one of the best Aussie male voices you’ve never heard” (BMA Mag, Australia).

The independent musician has performed at festivals internationally alongside the likes of Elbow, The Whitlams, and Architecture in Helsinki and has often been found sharing the stage with long-time musical colleagues and rising indie stars, Charles Lim (Singapore) and Svavar Knutur (Iceland). At age 25, he has toured extensively throughout Australia, Asia and Europe, garnering the title of “Australia’s Damien Rice, minus the cheese” (Iceland National Radio).

Dependent State, which features the lead single “Another Apology”, is Lynch’s most evocative and intricate release to date. His extraordinary lyrics document episodes of guilt, emancipation and, in the case of the tumbling centrepiece “What Friends Are For”, even murder. The record demonstrates Lynch’s prowess as a songwriter and storyteller and is carried by his unorthodox and delicate guitar work and distinctive baritone.

Watching Lynch in concert is like “being regaled by a solemn bard with a series of absorbing tales” (Rave Magazine, Australia). His music is “sweet, darling and emotionally charged” (The Grapevine) and he is just as likely to inspire a spontaneous sing-along as he to reduce his audience to complete silence.

Throughout January and February, audiences in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines will once again have the opportunity to see Gabriel Lynch live performing songs from his latest release.

Pre-order your copy of Dependent State by pledging your support at:

For a list of al Asia tour dates, visit:

Performers: ‘Kaona’ Karmen Yuen Tung Cheung: Singer-Songwriter, Light Bringer & Life Artist

’Kaona’ is a fearless explorer of life, unabashedly questioning
universal values of truth, oneness, commitment, peace and love. At
the tender age of 24, she has already committed her life to
positively uplifting the consciousness of this world. A future leader
in training, her musical performances and inspiring message are
spine-tingling, life-enhancing and memorably poignant.

Why you should listen to her:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi and “A life
unexamined is not worth living” by Socrates, two life truths which Kaona lives by every moment. She is a living example of the type of awe-inspiring next generation leader potential within the synergistic areas of arts, education, social enterprise, consciousness and innovation; of which an amazing city like Hong Kong has the capability to produce.

At 18, she debuted as an independent solo singer, after teaching herself the guitar from age 11 after a traffic accident which left her hospitalised. Having performed for audiences in HK, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Tokyo, Macau and Seoul; from supporting guest artist for Angie Hart from Frente! in 2010 to international music festivals, radio interviews and performance with music host Leung Dont; Kaona is a mature performer beyond her years who sings from her heart, true to her spirit and is passionate about creating a new industry sector supporting independent artists with a meaningful message.

A multi-versatile artist and an insatiable learner, she is one of the original members of One Love Tribe – an exciting concept birthed in Asia Pacific and activated in her birth city – Hong Kong in 2011. She is proud to be part of a new lifestyle paradigm, a new way of being, co-creating and the respectful advancement of humankind.

Full Cup Music Café Debute live artist 2012
TEDx Hong Kong 2011
Macau Fringe Festival 2011
Baybeats Music Festival Singapore 2010
Midi Music Festival China 2010
Simple Life Music Festival Taiwan 2010
Angie Hart Live in Hong Kong 2010
Joy Division Tribute 2009
Solo debute 2009

Various others in venues: Backstage, Fringe Club, Cyber Port, Hard Rock Cafe,
Hong Kong Arts Centre, The Wanch, Rock School, Hong Kong Convention and
Exhibition Centre, Java Java Café, Full Cup Café.. etc.


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