Set Tone Men Acapella @ Backstage Live (03 Feb 2013)

20130203 Set Tone Men Acapella @ Backstage Live

Set Tone Men Acapella @ Backstage Live

Date: 03 February 2013

Time: 08:00pm

Fee: HK$160 (incl. 1 standard drink)

Set Tone Men
a cappella Group

Set Tone Men (STM) is a young and energetic contemporary male a cappella group established in September 2011. Its’ members are all passionate and experienced singers, with a shared aim to perform a cappella to a professional standard. STM has a diverse repertoire, ranging from classical to pop and contemporary music, and in extraordinary styles and arrangements. During their first year, STM was invited to perform on many occasions, bringing the audience a unique a cappella experience through live performances with their harmonious male voices. STM recently received encouraging results at the Taiwan International Vocal Festival 2012, where they won a Silver Medal in the World Contemporary a cappella Competition. They also won the champion in the Hong Kong a cappella Contest 2012. STM wishes that all audiences could enjoy their music and love a cappella together!


成立於2011年9月的實動男無伴奏合唱人聲樂團,成員均表演經驗豐富。有別於一般無伴奏合唱表演,實動男結合傳統與流行的唱法,靈活多變的歌唱技巧為歌曲帶來嶄新演繹。實動男成立約一年來,在展現出最美人聲的堅持下,曾屢次獲邀參與各大小演出,透過現場演出的魅力和純男聲的和諧,成功帶給觀眾獨特的無伴奏合唱體驗。實動男剛在2012年10月於台灣舉行的「台灣國際重唱藝術節」中的世界盃現代阿卡貝拉大賽決賽中獲得銀牌,並在11月於 「香港無伴奏合唱比賽2012」中獲得冠軍。盼望你們也能與實動男一起,起動音樂,愛上無伴奏人聲合唱!


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