Songs For Children presents Dirty Beaches (13 Feb 2013)

20130213 Songs for Children presents Dirty Beaches (Night)

Songs For Children presents Dirty Beaches

Date: 13 Feb 2013

Time: 08:30pm

Fee: $230 Advance Online Ticket; $280 At The Door
Online Ticketing:

♥♥♥ We are delighted to present lo-fi rockabilly no -waver DIRTY BEACHES live in Hong Kong! ♥♥♥

Dirty Beaches 是 Alex Zhang Hungtai (張洪泰) 的化身,加拿大藉台灣出生,是一位跨太平洋的遊民,現居德國柏林。

第一張大碟 Badlands (靈感來自電影 Wild at Heart 和 Blue Velvet )在 2011 年 3 月推出,受一致好評。於當年獲 Polaris Music Prize 提名,以及被 Pitchfork 選為 Best New Music。

Dirty Beaches 開始時為一人樂隊,有時候採用 sampling,靈感來自 Alex 長期喜愛的 Hip Hop。 Songs for Children 很高興宣布今次 Alex 能以 full band 形式來港表演。多年來遊走不同國家巡演,電影是 Alex 靈感來源,特別是香港導演王家衛的電影。Alex 認為王的電影是:通常是關於時間的流逝,和如何聯繫一些在生活中扭曲了的關係。Dirty Beaches 的中心角色就是這些經驗的產物。關於一個人長途跋涉去尋找一些東西,在流放,被遺忘,沒家可歸的心情。

跟 Bo Diddley 或簡約合成器破壞份子Suicide一樣,Dirty Beaches的音樂不只是一種單純的簡化,而是一種精華的提煉。循環鼓聲和翩翩的情歌哼調讓人著迷,而彌漫在音樂裡的那些懷著盼望的旋律背後,也隱藏著 某種神秘的、同時又浪漫又冰冷的幽默感覺。Songs for Children 十分高興能夠邀請 Dirty Beaches, 這位現今其中一位最具創新性的音樂天才,來到全新裝修的Backstage Live 作香港首次演出。


Alex Zhang Hungtai aka Dirty Beaches, is a Taiwanese-born Canadian nomadic indie hipster currently based in Berlin.

The first album Badlands (inspired by films such as Wild at Heart and Blue Velvet) was released in March 2011 to huge critical acclaim. It was nominated for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize and received Best New Music on Pitchfork 8.2.

Dirty Beaches began as a one man band, sometimes employing sampling, inspired by Zhang’s longtime love of hip hop. We are delighted to announce that Alex will be playing with a full band in Hong Kong. In addition to his own years moving between countries and on the road touring, films are one of Zhang’s influences, particularly those by Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-wai. As Zhang states Wong’s movies are “usually about the passage of time, and how in relation it distorts your relationship with everything else in life. The central Dirty Beaches character is a product of those experiences. Of someone traveling long distances in search of something, in exile, misplaced, with no home to return to.”

Like Bo Diddley or minimalist synth provocateurs Suicide, Dirty Beaches’ compositions are not so much stripped down as refined to their essence. Drum loops entrance, Hungtai’s croon enchants, and the yearning melodies draped overtop belie as much a sense of haunting mystery as they do romanticism and wry humor.
Songs for Children are delighted to be bringing one of the of most innovative and exciting talents to Hong Kong for his debut Hong Kong gig at the newly-renovated Backstage Live.


“a refreshing take on the well-worn tropes of lo-fi– raunchy, old-fashioned, and pompadoured, there’s nothing else that sounds like this right now.” Pitchfork 8.2

“a mood-mosaic of words and sounds that is never less than sombre and always supremely stylish.” The Guardian

“It veers between doo-wop balladry and garage rumble, with the occasional interfering guitar drone, like an incursion into this forgotten past from a future Sonic Youth.” The Guardian

”For each of his releases, Zhang creates a different persona, though much like the leads of Wong Kar-wai films, the variance is slight. The moody, rambler hero of “Badlands” originated from an old photograph of Zhang’s father “hanging out with his boys with his pompadour.” Zhang wanted to create a fictional character based on his father’s youth, but struggled during the writing process. Scrapping the earlier songs, he began creating a character based on his own travels on tour.’” Wall Street Journal

“…Hungtai makes a rough, blasted-out form of rockabilly, one coated with the grime of a half century of greaser movies and bad memories.”
Stereogum, Best New Bands of 2011


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