French-speaking world festival [Cinema] “On The Sly” (10 Mar 2013)

On the sly
French-speaking world festival [Cinema] “On The Sly” (10 Mar 2013)

Date: 10 March 2013

Time: 03:00pm

Fee: Free Admission

To celebrate the ‘Fête de la Francophonie’ we are organising Mars en Folie. During one month enjoy FREE events in French!

French-Speaking film festival: 5 unique screenings of films in French (5-14March)

A Pas de Loup
On the Sly

By Olivier Ringer
Belgique. 比利時. Belgium.
2012. 1h17. Famille, Aventure. 家庭、歷奇. Family, Adventure
中、英文字幕- Chinese and English subtitles
A partir de 6 ans. From 6 years-old. 適合六歲以上.

Dans un monde pas si lointain et à une époque pas si éloignée vivait une petite fille comme les autres qui croyait être invisible aux yeux de ses parents. Pour en être bien certaine, elle décida de disparaître. Ce qui aurait pu mal se terminer se transforma en une aventure extraordinaire, une quête d’identité et de liberté digne de Robinson Crusoé.


Cathy, an ordinary little girl who believes that she is invisible to her parents, decides to disappear in order to confirm her theory. In a not so far away forest, the young girl goes off to explore a world that will lead her to discover herself. Cathy, far away from her parents and society, loses herself, like Robinson Crusoe, in a wild initiation of life between loneliness and survival.

FREE admission on first-come-first-served basis
免費入場 – 先到先得

Doors open at 6:15pm (2:30pm on Sunday)
開放時間:下午六時十五分 (星期日下午二時三十分)
Movie night snack combo and dinner set available from HK$88 upon booking
At or 2167 8985
必須以reservation@backstagelive.hk電郵或電話2167 8985預訂


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