French-speaking world festival [Cinema] “Andalousia, my love!” (12 Mar 2013)

Andalousia my love
French-speaking world festival [Cinema] “Andalousia, my love!” (12 Mar 2013)

Date: 12 March 2013

Time: 07:30pm

Fee: Free Admission

To celebrate the ‘Fête de la Francophonie’ we are organising Mars en Folie. During one month enjoy FREE events in French!

French-Speaking film festival: 5 unique screenings of films in French (5-14March)

Andalousie, mon amour!
Andalousia, my love!

By Mohamd Nadif
Maroc. 摩洛哥. Morocco.
2011. 1h26. Comédie dramatique. 劇情喜劇 Comedy, Drama.
In Arabic and French with English subtitles

Saïd et Amine, deux jeunes étudiants de Casablanca, rêvent d’Europe. Ils se retrouvent dans un petit village au nord du Maroc. Avec l’aide de l’instituteur, ils prennent une barque pour la côte européenne mais font naufrage. La mer rejette Amine sur la côte du village. Saïd échoue sur une plage espagnole. L’Andalousie semble bien étrange pour lui. Et Amine, dans son village marocain, observe des phénomènes bizarres…

Saïd 和 Amine,兩個卡薩布蘭卡的年輕的學生夢想到歐洲去。他們在摩洛哥北部的一個小村莊相遇。在老師的幫助下,他們乘坐小船到歐洲海岸,但途中不幸沉船。Amine 被沖上村莊的海岸邊。Saïd 流落在西班牙的一個海灘上。安達盧西亞對他來說看來太奇怪了。而在摩洛哥村莊中的 Amine 卻留意到一些奇怪的現象……

Said and Amine are two students from Casablanca dreaming of Europe. They end up in a small village in the North of Morocco. With the help of the schoolteacher, they leave for the European coast on board a small boat. They are shipwrecked. The sea washes Amine back onto the coast of the village. Said is washed away on a Spanish beach. Andalusia seems strange to Said. And in the Moroccan village, Amine notices strange things happening…

FREE admission on first-come-first-served basis
免費入場 – 先到先得

Doors open at 6:15pm (2:30pm on Sunday)
開放時間:下午六時十五分 (星期日下午二時三十分)
Movie night snack combo and dinner set available from HK$88 upon booking
At or 2167 8985
必須以reservation@backstagelive.hk電郵或電話2167 8985預訂


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