French-speaking world festival [Cinema] “All that Glitters” (14 Mar 2013)

All that glitters
French-speaking world festival [Cinema] “All that Glitters” (14 Mar 2013)

Date: 14 March 2013

Time: 07:30pm

Fee: Free Admission

To celebrate the ‘Fête de la Francophonie’ we are organising Mars en Folie. During one month enjoy FREE events in French!

French-Speaking film festival: 5 unique screenings of films in French (5-14March)

Tout ce qui brille
All that Glitters

By Géraldine NAKACHE
France. 法國.
2010. 1h40.
Comédie musicale. 音樂劇. Musical.
英文字幕 – English subtitles

Ely et Lila sont comme deux soeurs. Elles se connaissent depuis l’enfance, partagent tout et rêvent ensemble d’une autre vie. Elles vivent dans la même banlieue, à dix minutes de Paris. Aujourd’hui, Ely et Lila ne veulent plus être à dix minutes de leurs vies. De petites embrouilles en gros mensonges, elles vont tout faire pour essayer de pénétrer un monde qui n’est pas le leur où tout leur semble possible. Mais tout ce qui brille…

一起長大的 Ely 和 Lila 好比兩姐妹,她們分享一切,一同夢想過另外一種生活。她們一同住在離巴黎只有十分鐘的市郊區。如今,Ely 和 Lila 不想再與她們想過的生活有十分鐘的差距。小小的跪計變成大謊言,她們想盡一切辦法想要進入一個不屬於她們的世界,而那兒是通往閃亮之城的通道。

Ely and Lila are like two sisters. They know each other since childhood, share everything together and dream of another life. They live in the same suburb, ten minutes away from Paris. Today, Ely and Lila no longer want to be ten minutes away from their lives. Small shenanigans in big lies, they will do everything to try to enter a world that is not theirs where everything seems possible. But all that glitters . . .

FREE admission on first-come-first-served basis
免費入場 – 先到先得

Doors open at 6:15pm (2:30pm on Sunday)
開放時間:下午六時十五分 (星期日下午二時三十分)
Movie night snack combo and dinner set available from HK$88 upon booking
At or 2167 8985
必須以reservation@backstagelive.hk電郵或電話2167 8985預訂


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