Backstage partnering with Green Monday to promote Green Diet

BACKSTAGE has partnered with Green Monday to promote the public awareness and benefits of a green diet. Starting from next Monday (04 Mar 2013), we’ll be offering a Green Monday Lunch Set & a Green Monday Dinner Set (for 2)!

Baby Steps to Go Green
Green Monday Lunch MenuGreen Monday Set Dinner for 2

These two menus are created to support the Green Monday campaign that is committed to encourage people to adopt meat-free diets on Mondays as an easy and effective way to improve health, reduce carbon footprint and slow global warming. Many people do not know that the meat industry contributes to 18% of greenhouse gases and that a meat diet has high correlation with chronic disease and cancer.

Join us in this initiative by showing your support and spreading the message for a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle in Hong Kong.

Live Green, Eat Green!


Backstage與Green Monday合作推動綠色飲食,推出多款輕盈素食,讓你輕鬆開展健康低碳生活。 其實每週只要素食一天,便可改善健康、減少碳足跡及延緩地球暖化。



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