An Electric Easter featuring Das Fluff(London) – with Pixel Toy (HK) supporting (30 Mar 2013)

20130330 Das Fluff_30

An Electric Easter featuring Das Fluff(London) – with Pixel Toy (HK) supporting

Date: 30 March 2013

Time: 10:00pm till late

Fee: $160 (includes 1 standard drink)

Genre: Electro Sleaze Pop / DJ

“A dark confessional about cyber-stalking from debut album ‘Would You Die For Me’, a compelling electro-pop rollercoaster featuring formidable front-woman Dawn Lintern.”

The Independent

‘Here, for once, is something genuinely new… five star ***** originality and performance ‘ …

… dark, moody and very addictive …

Bitchslap Magazine

I have fallen in love with the amazing voice of Dawn Lintern…if it were an ideal world ‘Would You Die For Me?’ would be selling by the millions…

Blip Bop Magazine

Propelling beats, smooth riffs and vibrant atmospheres … Das Fluff plays with fire.

C.J. LAZARETTI – Erotic Review

Hey You grabs you by the throat with its forceful beats and dirty guitar licks, but regardless of how dark the music sounds, the lyrics plunge far deeper into the abyss … The words of this song are expertly composed to convey old obsessions for the new age.

New Singles Review

The brilliant Das Fluff are keeping me up late… Ute Lemper meets Martin Rev with a dash of Sylvia Plath and a splash of Danielle Dax.. New tracks are amazing… “Plaything” bent my mind… in a good way…

JUDE RAWLINS – Electric Label

It’s so nice to see what direction you’ve gone in. Brilliant and your voice is magnificent.

GENE PEMBELTON – 97.3FM Virginia Richmond Independent Radio

The best and weirdest band in the world.


Das Fluff are really great, like Goldfrapp if Sylvia Plath was writing the material for them.

LA MUSICA – Inside London 2010


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