SIU2 Sonic Traveler Launch Party (14 Apr 2013)


SIU2 Sonic Traveler Launch Party

Date: 14 April 2013

Time: 08:30pm

Genre: Instrumental

Fee: HK$140 includes 1 album & 1 standard drink




時間:8:30-9:30 p.m. (發佈會) 10-12pm (Jam Party)
地點:Backstage (中環威靈頓街52-54號1樓 )
Coverage Charge: $140 (送SIU2《聲遊者》CD及一杯飲品)
留座:2167 8985/


香港著名Fusion樂隊,多年來以獨特曲風積極創作和演出。曾於香港藝術節及新視野藝術節演出,又曾為康樂及文化事務署擔任文化大使。近年積極拓展香港以外的演出,包括台北的《香港週》、深圳的《深港創意藝術雙週》、法國的 Bordeaux Music Festival、荷蘭 Conservatory of Amsterdam的演出、珠海的北山世界音樂節及馬來西亞的Borneo Jazz Festival等,均廣受好評。

SIU2至今推出了兩張專輯 – 《開門》及《西樂》。

伍卓賢 - 作曲/笙/電管風琴/電子琴
劉瑞中 - 箏
林天惠 - 三弦
樊國雄 - 鋼琴
陳學明 - 低音結他
徐協倫 - 鼓


SIU2, The renowned fusion band from Hong Kong
Sonic Traveler
world travel featuring musical elements of various cultures –

SIU2 is releasing its third album “Sonic Traveler” with “world travel” as the theme. Apart from its ongoing dynamic fusion of East/West and modern/traditional, this album features musical elements from various cultures around the globe, weaving into a repertoire of refreshing exuberance while bringing the audience onto a sonic journey through space and time.
The album houses a total of 7 brand new compositions, including the most ear-catching “Sonic Traveler”–Indian style Progressive Rock, “Lights Up”–its inspirations drawn from the sounds of the languages of South-East Asia, “Haunted House”–a fierce track heavy in Japanese flavor, “Gondola”–undeniably Chinese in character yet conjuring images of Venetian gondolas, “Icy Night” and “Drifting Ice”–inspired by the ice blocks floating from Russia to the northern parts of Japan, and “Gliding”–with roots in Irish folk music, full of rhythmic jokes and illusions.
Different musical elements from around the world infuse innovative exuberance and dazzling colors into SIU2 new album, expanding the frontiers of SIU2 musical vocabularies even further as it communicates with the world with music.

SIU2 is a renowned fusion band from Hong Kong showcasing both Chinese and Western musical instruments including Sheng, Sanxian, Zheng, Piano, Bass Guitar and Drumset. It is one-of-a-kind and its sound not something one can hear anywhere else.

SIU2 has performed in the Hong Kong Arts Festival and in the same year the New Visions Arts Festival. SIU2 has also toured to Europe and in Asia, including Bordeaux Music Festival , concert at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, Taipei-Hong Kong Week, Shenzhen Hong Kong Creative Arts Festival, Beishan International World Music Festival in Zhuhai and Borneo Jazz Festival in Malaysia the same year, all to critical acclaims.

SIU2 has released two albums so far–“Open Door” and “Konfusion”
“Sonic Traveler”, with the theme of world travel featuring musical elements of various cultures, is the third album by SIU2.

Biography of Musicians:
Ng Cheuk-yin: Composition/ Sheng/ Electric Organ
Jason Lau: Zheng
Cass Lam: Sanxian
Peter Fan: Piano
Siuming Chan: Bass guitar
Lawrence Tsui: Drums

Sonic Traveler will be release on April 15, 2013 in iTunes, Hong Kong Records and They will share their ideas about the album and perform during the launching party.



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