Lunch Sets for 08-12 Apr 2013

Lunch Sets for 08-12/04/2013
(Daily Soup / Pine Nuts and Parmesan Salad)

A. Soup + Parma Ham and Melon Salad 巴馬火腿蜜瓜沙律 + Coffee/Tea/Orange Juice ~ $88

B. Soup/Salad + Lida’s Beef Rendang with Rice 巴東牛肉配飯 + Coffee/Tea/Orange Juice ~ $98

C. Soup/Salad + Pasta/Risotto + Coffee/Tea ~ $108

Angel Hair w/ Tua Tua Clams in White Wine & Cream Sauce,白酒忌廉汁托托蜆天使麵; or
Prawns with Asparagus Risotto in Curry Pumpkin Sauce 咖哩南瓜汁海蝦露筍意大利飯

D. Soup/Salad + Fish/Meat + Coffee/Tea/Orange Juice ~ $128

Pan-fried Japan Yamato Pork Loin in Balsamic Vinegar Served with Mashed Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables 香煎日本豬柳意大利黑醋配薯蓉及時蔬; or
Pan-fried Fillet of Sole Served with White Wine & Cream Sauce 香煎龍脷柳配白酒忌廉汁

E. Soup/Salad + Beef/Fish + Coffee/Tea/Orange Juice ~ $148

US Sirloin Steak (8oz) served with French Fries & Seasonal Vegetables 8安士西冷牛扒配薯條及時蔬; or
Sea Salt Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables 海鹽燒三文魚配薯蓉及時蔬

Served with Daily Dessert

10% Service Charge applies


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